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    Civil Engineering

    F&H Construction LTD have experience of delivering civil engineering projects. The construction of roads and paths, as well as the associated kerbing and road gullies are projects we have completed. We have also delivered projects involving the erection and assembly of steel for structures such as walkway or a steel shed. Often projects like these will require large amounts of concrete for structural integrity, details of which can be found on our concreting page. However, once completed we have plenty of experience in the following works such as the installation of kerbing, cladding steel frame buildings, developing steel walkways for foot traffic. Civil Engineering also applies to roadside works such as the modification of kerbs for vehicle access or putting a new pedestrian crossing. An easy way to look at Civil Engineering is any project which facilitates the movement or storage of something such as traffic, water etc.

    We achieve this using a combination of experience, equipment and plant. Drainage needs to be installed at correct falls (or gradients) to achieve optimum flow rate to avoid problems such as blockages. In addition to this is determining the route which the drainage run will have to take when taking existing structures and drainage runs into consideration. Using our equipment and plant, we can excavate trenches, install the drainage runs and back fill with pipe bedding and complete new drainage runs as per the client’s requirements. This also extends to drainage which comes above ground. For example, the downpipes from guttering along the perimeter of a roof will lead into a drainage run and additionally the guttering itself will require the correct falls and gradients to allow rainwater to flow freely.

    It is important to note that works relating to this often require a lot of planning and structural calculations prior to the works commencing, due to the scale and importance of the project. It is best advised you consult with a structural engineer or an architect as many companies, like ourselves, would not commit to undertaking works without on a proper drawing being produced beforehand.

    Please see some of our previous works in the images below. If you have any enquiries regarding Civil Engineering, please get in touch.

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