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    Hard Landscaping

    If you require hard landscaping to be done, then F&H Construction are more than capable of undertaking this task with our fleet of plant. If you need earth or another material moving to form new terrain or a pond in your back garden or on your premises, for example, then please get in touch with F&H. We have recently completed a project which required us to install a pond, including clay to stop water filtration as well as the surrounding banks and terrain being reshaped to achieve the client’s requirements. In addition to this, F&H can also excavate existing earth and then back fill with a different substance. Typical examples of this would be removing earth and top soil to be backfilled with a decorative aggregate for pathways or car parking.

    We would typically use our fleet of plant, ranging from the 1-tonne excavator to the 13-tonne excavator depending on the scale of the project as well as our dumpers to assist with the movement of excavated material. All F&H Construction plant operatives have the relevant training (NPORS) for the machines they would be using.

    Please see some of our previous works in the images below. If you have any enquiries regarding Hard Landscaping, please get in touch.

    For any enquiries regarding Hard Landscaping
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