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    There is a large amount of concrete in the built environment and F&H have considerable experience of working with concrete. With a combination of skilled tradesmen and equipment, we can achieve a number of finishes for a variety of applications. Such examples include driveways, retaining walls, foundations, slabs, concrete rafts, ramps. Many of the projects we have completed have required the use of reinforcing throughout to achieve the required structural strength, especially with retaining walls and slabs. In addition to this we can also undertake all the prior excavations and shuttering required. In some cases, existing concrete may be irreparable and require breaking out and replacing.

    There are a number of factors involved with concreting to consider such as the cement content, the consistency, the drying time, where is the concrete going, is the shuttering adequate for the task, will the concrete be going through a pump, will the concrete require fibres etc. These are all questions which F&H Construction can provide answers to as a result of our experience in this department.

    Please see some of our previous works in the images below. If you have any enquiries regarding Drainage, please get in touch.

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