Demolition Work Begins On Glasgow School Of Art

The sad story of the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) continues, with news coming from the organisation that demolition work has now begun on site.

In 2014, a small fire broke out in the Mackintosh Building that, according to the Guardian, had been started by flammable gases in a foam canister used in a student project that were ignited by mistake. Old ventilation ducts helped the fire spread into nearby studios and upwards through the building. Not only that but a sprinkler system that had almost been installed was not fully operational at the time.

Sadly for all involved, another fire broke out in the middle of June this year in the same part of the school, just before restoration work was finished on the site after the first fire broke out.

Now, the GSA has announced that work has started on dismantling some of the more dangerous sections of the building, following a methodology developed by expert structural engineers, David Narro Associates (DAN) and GSA contractor Reigart.

The masonry is set to be manually dismantled, with access provided by mobile elevated working platforms and crane hoists. It’s thought the work will take several weeks, with masonry and brickwork to be dismantled in a controlled way. Plainer area of the façade will be lowered into the site for removal later on, wherever possible.

DAN’s Dominic Echlin commented on the announcement, saying: “The primary aim of the initial works is to make the building safe and structurally stable. It is important to understand that our agreed approach is the safest way to dismantle the dangerous elements of the building and, importantly, ensure there is no damage to nearby properties or risk to those working on site.”

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